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Fine Fragrances for Your Kitchen

Today, we introduce a new partner to the site, Antica Farmacista. This partner is a bit different, as they product a wide variety of fragrances. “But Captain, this is a kitchen deals site, what do fragrances have to do with the Kitchen?” Well, kitchens, no matter how clean they are, usually have a few interesting smells. None of them are usually pleasant. Antica Farmacista provides fragrances specifically designed to give your kitchen more pleasant smells.

Antica Farmacista has four Kitchen scent diffusers to suit your sensibilities.

Lemon, Verbana, & Cedar

“Invigorating notes of tart lemon, orange, and lemongrass mingle with fresh Italian verbana.”


“Our signature Grapefruit fragrance captures the sparkle of citrus, making it a favorite in the kitchen.”

Tomato Vine

“A familiar and intoxicating earthy, green scent, capturing the essence of a summertime garden.

Fig Leaf

“An earthy scent evoking a summer stroll through a sun-drenched grove of ripe fig trees.”

This line of fragrances is found in many hotels, resorts, and other luxurious places. I believe I’ve taken a few of their shampoos from hotels myself. You can check into the Four Seasons Anguilla at $825 per night, and try these out for free, or get these direct from their website here, starting at $66 for a 250 mL bottle. I’d go with the latter, unless you have cash laying around. If that’s the case, you can buy the $66 bottle, and I’ll be happy to take the remaining $759 off your hands. No up-charges, I promise.

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