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Sunday’s Big Deal – Sabatier 3 Piece Polyboard Set $39.99

I was watching this video below on how to make Roasted Chicken with Root Veggies, and was thinking about something.

How long have I had my cutting board? Sure, my cutting board has lasted awhile, as it has its scratches from the many times it’s been used, showing it’s true timeless qualities. We’ve made some great things together.

However, I realized that my current cutting board was gross. Those scratches that have developed in it over time have become germ farms, from the various meats and/or veggies that have laid on top of it for years. Sure, we wash ours in the dishwasher, but bacteria and viruses have easy hiding spots to avoid your onslaught of cleaning.

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Sometimes, I didn’t use my cutting board, thinking that my quartz countertop was tough and can handle the job without worrying about the germs in the cracks of a would-be cutting board. This is not so great either, as your countertop, though it is durable, and doesn’t create cracks for germs to hide in, is really bad for the sharpness of your knives. You can sharpen your knife, but only so much.

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Read further, I thought about what I might need here….

We needed a new cutting board, so I gave this Sabatier 3 Piece Polyboard Set a try.

In this set, there are three different sizes of cutting boards available here for you to use. This polyboard set also has a non-slip grip, for more confident sharpening. The non-porous surface will keep those germs out. not absorb odors or dull your knives. These are also easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.


  • 8 x 10 inch Polyboard
  • 11 x 14 inch Polyboard
  • 12 x 18 inch Polyboard


  • Functional, hygienic, easy to clean and non-absorbent.
  • Non-slip countertop grip, which provides safety and stability while cutting.
  • Reversible cutting surface.
  • Gentle on blades, won’t dull knives.
  • Dishwasher Safe.

Come check this out today on Chef’s Catalog. This set is only $39.99, which is $10 off its original price.