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Tuesday’s Deal of the Evening – Anova Precision Cooker WiFi $159.99

What if you have a simple device cooking your favorite meals in a precise and accurate way? Well, our newest partner, Best Buy, has got something special cooked up for us! They are bringing us a Precision Cooker with WiFi built in. Talk about high-tech! This sweet piece of technology is $159.99 at Best Buy. One of the great things about Best Buy is that orders can be shipped and picked up at the store. Don’t let porch pirates steal your stuff!


  • Restaurant Quality Cooking automatically, with no need to worry about overcooking.
  • Very easy to use. Attach this device to any pot, drop ingredients in a sealed bag or jar, set your temperature and press Start. Nothing fancy needed.
  • Maintains Consistent Temperature for Even Cooking
  • Timer Mode, which keeps food warm and shuts off when you need it to.
  • Made from Durable Stainless Steel.
  • Includes an app, for use with your smartphone, for use with included and downloadable recipes.