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Tuesday’s Deal of the Morning – Silicone Candy Mold w/ Receipe Book Set

You know what one of my favorite candies is? Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. I found a great recipe for dark chocolate peanut butter cups online.

Now, would it be great to have a kit to make your own candies, or even some “fat bombs” that are popular in the keto community. Well, I found a great find to sweeten up your Tuesday.

Amazon has a Candy Mold Set with Recipe Book. This will go great when you want a homemade snack. You’ll have some candy just in time for Easter.


  • 6 silicone candy molds of different shapes, to get all different designs.
  • Five candy recipes, featuring “Orange Sweetness” and “Cookie Joy”.
  • BPA-free and waterproof, which makes these molds are very easy to clean.
  • All-purpose. Not just for candy, but can be used, for example, jello shots, cream cheese, and ice cream.
  • Each mold cell size is 1″ wide and 0.4″ deep. The molds themselves are 8″ by 4″.

The seller on this site says that they will refund this 100% if you are not satisfied. Get your set on Amazon today.

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