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Time for some Sunday coffee!

It’s that time of day. The weekend is almost over and Sunday afternoon is here. You may have just gotten back from church, or just woken up. Maybe you’re headed into work. Either way, you need a nice “pick me up”. In Japan, they apparently have a $914 cup of coffee. You don’t need $914 to get your coffee fix. Here’s a video with more.

You could easily make your own, fresh coffee at home. Fresh coffee with fresh beans is the best way to make coffee. I personally use a special ground coffee mix blended with hazelnuts. That really hits the spot for me. We could make some coffee through one of those Keurig things, which is fine if you want something quick. However, quick doesn’t always mean correct. The best coffee is a slowly brewed masterpiece, with the right grounds and the right process. One way to correctly make coffee is to use a percolator. A percolator is firstly, more eco-friendly, as there’s no plastic or filters being thrown out. The other piece is that your coffee can heat slowly on the stove. Like many great foods, great coffee can be made on the stove.

Amazon has a Faberware Stainless Steel 8-Cup Percolator on sale right now. This includes a stainless steel filter basket, pump tube, and base. It also has a tight fitting lid, to help keep the flavor in while it’s brewing. This is one of the most traditional forms of brewing coffee, and when you taste the coffee made from this percolator, it shows why.