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Planning a Party? Check out Kate Aspen

Are you planning a party? Perhaps you’re putting together a wedding or bachelorette party? Maybe an upcoming graduation? Well, we have a new partner, Kate Aspen, who sells many products related to party planning and catering events. They have some great deals on some party planning decor, favors and supplied. Read through this article to find out more, then enjoy a video about 9 Party Food ideas at the end of this article….

Kate Aspen has a number of products that are great for party planning, and these items are affordably priced. Kate Aspen even now has an offer code KATE20, to get an additional 20% off. See the great deals from this site below:

Personalized Champagne Flutes – English Garden – as low as $3.50/unit

“Just Hitched” Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener – as low as $2.70/unit

Congrats Grad Stemless Wine Glasses 15 oz. – as low as $5/unit

Personalized 16 oz. Can Glass – as low as $2.80/unit

Kate Aspen has many more deals than the ones listed above. I was able to find more deals than I had time to list here. These party favors are sure to amaze your guests and/or impress your catering or party planning customers.

When planning a party, food ideas are also important. One must provide unique snacks and hors d’oeuvres for their guests. It’s also important to get the right catering service, if you have a lot of guests. The caterers can do the cooking and serving, and you can enjoy the company of your guests. You may be a great chef, or enjoy cooking, but your friends and family would rather you be with them than in the kitchen. Of course, you are free to do all that yourself if you need to save some cash. Below, we have a video that shows 9 different quick recipes to make “party ring” hor d’oeuvres. They look delicious.

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