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Super Mocha Chocolate Smoothie

Super Mocha Chocolate Smoothie

It’s hard to deny that most of us love chocolate. Well, I am no exception. I start my weekdays with a super mocha chocolate smoothie. This is really quick to make and is bound to give you a great boost to your day. It has everything you need to give you

This recipe serves one.

Equipment Needed



  1. Put ice in cup from Magic Bullet.
  2. Spoon in two cups of Orgain mix.
  3. Shave in semi-sweet chocolate bar.
  4. Pour cold brew coffee in cup.
  5. Fill in rest with milk to very top of cup.
  6. Close lid with Magic Bullet mixer attachment.
  7. Place cup on Magic Bullet and press down and twist to mix.
  8. Let mix until fully blended.


  • This is vegan if you use Almond or Cashew Milk.
  • This recipe is kosher as is.

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